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First Class Fast Track

Whether going through the lengthy procedures before boarding a flight, transiting through an airport, or dealing with the stresses of landing at an unfamiliar airport after a lengthy flight, airport procedures can be time-consuming and tedious at the best of times. From check-in and immigration to luggage claim and customs, First Class Fast Track is a suite of exclusive services designed to take the stress and strain out of these airport procedures.

Available at a growing number of major international airports worldwide, the First Class Fast Track suite of services varies from airport to airport but includes Fast Track Arrival, Fast Track Departure, Fast Track Gate-to-Gate, Luggage Carrier, Luggage Storage, and VIP Lounge services. Every service is delivered in line with the First Class principles of reliable, prompt and convenient service.


To assure the quality of the First Class Fast Track services, the First Class Fast Track services are delivered by highly-trained First Class Corporations representatives with a dedication to customer service. We also pride ourselves on taking full responsibility for the services we offer. No request or detail is too small. No issue remains unresolved.


For the high-end global traveler, time is a valuable commodity. First Class Fast Track services, therefore, focus on eliminating time spent walking through expansive airports or waiting in line. Our representatives are always ready to greet our guests at the scheduled time and escort them through the airport, whether to a VIP Lounge, Duty Free area, luggage collection point, boarding gate of priority immigration desk. In some airports, we have our own First Class Golf carts to ferry our guests from plane to immigration as well as other premium services and add-ons for extra comfort and convenience. In the larger airports during busy periods, the First Class Fast Track services can save up to 1.5 hours of otherwise wasted time.


The First Class Fast Track services are all about convenience. This even extends to the booking process. With Wi-Fi now available in airplanes, guests can even book any of our services while they are still in the air, up to just one hour before they arrive.